Having the right resources can make all the difference in whether or not homeschooling is a joyful or frustrating experience for you. Check out the links at the right to read about choosing curriculum and how to get it. This site is not fully developed yet, but it’s in the works.

The most popular curriculum among SSS families happens to be Sonlight.

Here are some recommended websites to enrich your homeschooling experience:

Sight Words
Sponsored by the
Georgia Preschool Association, this website is designed to help teach children to read. This comprehensive collection of customizable, free tools will help both parents and educators teach sight words to children from Pre-K to 4th Grade.
The project contains a variety of printable resources, carefully designed to facilitate learning at home and in the classroom. The website’s features include:
•  Lists of Fry and Dolch Sight Words
•  Flash Cards in a variety of sizes
•  12 fully customizable Games such as Bingo and Snakes & Ladders
•  Clear and concise Sight Words teaching techniques, complete with “how-to” videos