Speech Festival

When: TBD

Cost: ¥1000 (your family's account will be charged after the performance)

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*Associated schools, instead of filling out the form above, you may simply email the SSS office with a list of your participating students and what they will be presenting.


Why should I give a speech? Entering the Speech Festival will help you develop poise speaking English before a group, a skill you will use all your life.

What happens if I live too far away to attend? You are invited to send us a video of your speech. Please make your video in a place with good lighting and little background noise. We will project your video on our big screen in the auditorium so that you can be a part of our Speech Festival.

Am I too young to participate? You're never too young to begin making speeches. If you are a preschooler or younger elementary student, you may want to start with something short and easy such as a nursery rhyme, Bible memory verse, or short poem.

Am I too old to participate? Speech Festival is for SSSers all the way through high school. Older students may wish to memorize longer poems or Bible passages. Dramatic monologues or portions of famous historical speeches are well received. Some students use this opportunity to tell a story suitable for a younger audience.

May I write my own speech? Yes, some students write their own speeches on a particular topic or teach a simple skill by means of a "how to" speech.

May I work with others? Sometimes families or groups of friends present dramatic sketches together. Make sure to plan plenty of practice time both individually and collectively to polish your performance.

What is the time limit for my speech? Individual speeches should not exceed three minutes. Group presentations should not go beyond five minutes.

How should I prepare my speech?

  • Look in your Bible, home library collection, or on the internet for ideas. You may check out poetry books from the CAJ library. If you still don't find a speech meaningful to you, consider writing one of your own.

  • Memorize the words.

  • Practice speaking loudly, clearly, and slowly. Use expression to show happiness, sadness, and excitement.

  • Add creative elements to make your speech unique. You might hold a prop, wear a costume, and/or gesture with your hands.

  • Say your speech over and over until you know it well. Have someone video your presentation, then play it back and judge yourself. Practice with an audience in person, over the phone, or over Skype. You will not be afraid at the Speech Festival if you are well prepared.

Will I be judged at the Speech Festival? You and your family may decide whether you would like to be evaluated by a judge at the Speech Festival. The attached grading rubric below will be used to judge your speech.