The CAJ library has over 20,000 materials available for check out. SSS members may borrow CAJ books for a whole month. There is a 25-book family limit on the number of materials you may check out from the CAJ library at a time. (There is no limit to the number of resources we will loan you from the SSS libraries).

To request (or place holds on) books from the CAJ Library

  1. Go to the CAJ Library Catalogue

  2. Click Log in, and enter the following information:

Username = your SSS family ID #

Password = your family name

  1. Search for books

  2. After finding a book you want, click anywhere within the row that displays the book’s information

  3. Four icons will appear on the far right. Click on the icon that looks like a hand holding a book.

  4. From the popup that appears, click Place Hold

  5. In the next popup, click Okay

  6. The next morning, we will receive a list of any items you have placed on hold and will start collecting any that are available.

This video also walks you through how to place CAJ books on hold:

CAJ Library Hours for Visitors

The CAJ library is occassionally closed for classes. Due to Covid-19, we ask that SSS visitors refrain from going to the CAJ library while it is being used by CAJ students. As long as you arrange with us ahead of time, you may browse the SSS library while you are waiting for the CAJ library to open.

2021-22 Library Schedule (SSS)