About Us

SSS was established to help Christian evangelical missionary families in Japan who homeschool their children or supplement Japanese schooling with English studies at home. Over the years we have welcomed other families to SSS who desire this same kind of Christ-centered educational help. We have quite a few families from international marriages.

What SSS is not…

  • SSS is not a school to teach English to non-native speakers, though we can help students maintain and progress in English skills.

  • SSS does not provide regular classes. SSS parents teach their own children or hire tutors. SSS supports parents and tutors, helping them teach their own children by providing resources and consultation.

Membership Requirements

  • A desire for Christ-centered help with your homeschooling

  • At least one parent speaks and reads English. (All communication is in English.)

In addition, at least one of the following should apply:

  • child is native English speaker

  • child lived in an English-speaking country at age four or older

  • family attends a church where English is spoken

  • child has experience attending school in English