SSS Libraries

Overview of Books in Our Library

Picture Books

We have two different collections of picture books. The Author Picture Book Packs allow you to borrow a stack of books from a particular author (e.g: Julia Donaldson, Mo Willems, Norman Bridwell, etc.). The other Picture Books by Theme collection is organized thematically (e.g: Baby Animals, Friendship, Vehicles & Machines, etc.), and these books can be checked out by individual title


We have books and teacher guides from Jay Wile Exploring Creation, Math Teaching Textbooks, Story of the World, and various other series.

Maybe you want to use Sonlight curriculum but the cost is a bit daunting and you don’t know where you would put all the books if you had them. You may borrow many of the books by core and trimester. Since we rely heavily on book donations we don’t have all the books, but we do have a good number of them.

Leveled Library

If you’re looking for books on your child’s specific reading level, this is a place to go. 

           A-C Kindergarten

           B-I First grade

           H-M Second grade

           L-P Third grade

           O-T Fourth grade

           S-W Fifth grade

           V-Y Sixth grade

           Z Middle and High School

Books for Parents

SSS has some books for parents that are not available in the CAJ library. If you have interest in a particular topic, please let us know. These books may be borrowed individually and are not sent in packs so please let us know which books you want rather than asking for a particular category.

Parent Books are divided into the following categories:

If you’re looking to borrow several books on a particular topic, the unit boxes are a good place to start. You may also simply want to search for a key word in the Libib search bar.

For a list of the topics found in our Unit Box library, look here.

Kids' Devotional Books & Bibles

It can be challenging to find good devotional books and Bibles for kids. We're fortunate to have a good selection, particularly for elementary and preschool-aged children.