Stories Plus

Stories Plus is our pre-school program that meets 20 times during the year on Friday afternoons. During these 50 minute classes, kids listen to stories, learn songs, and make crafts with our SSS teacher, Debbie May.

Theme for 2022-2023:

This year's theme is "Authors". We will read stories from various famous authors and make fun crafts based on those books. This year we plan to meet at CAJ in-person for our Stories Plus classes.

Trial Stories Plus Lesson: September 9, 2022 (Fri) at 3:00 pm at CAJ

Try out a Stories Plus lesson with others on Sept 9 from 3:00-3:50 pm to decide whether this program is workable for your family. We'd like your input regarding the best dates and times to set for this year's classes. Contact Debbie May at to let her know you'd like to attend the trial class by Mon, Sept 5.

Stories Plus fee:

The annual fee for Stories Plus is ¥20,000 for each child who attends. This covers 20 lessons. Only SSS members are eligible to join Stories Plus.