Arts & Skills Day

When: Saturday, October 5, 2025

This is our most popular event of the year. With a variety of arts and skill based classes offered, students have fun learning and interacting with others in the class. We typically have classes for students ages 4 through high school.

Cost: ¥2000 per student (max of ¥4000 for a family)

Please sign up by Wednesday, September 18, 2024. 


9:30-9:55 ~ Arrival and Registration in the CAJ Auditorium Lobby

10:00-10:15 ~ Opening meeting in the Auditorium

10:15-12:15 ~ Classes (parents may browse libraries while kids are in class)

12:15-13:30 ~ Lunch (optional; please bring your own food)

10:15-13:30 ~ CAJ & Parallel libraries open

13:30-17:00 ~ CAJ playground open for play supervised by parents



*please note photos do not represent the exact crafts we will be making

Please scroll down to see all six class descriptions! Students age 7 through high school can choose from one of two options for their age group. 

Going on a Bear Hunt 

(Ages 4-6)

Mr. & Mrs. Turner

Let's read the book "We're Going on a Bear Hunt," and then do activities and make crafts based on the story.  

Handbells for Beginners 

(Ages 7-11) 

Ms. Nelson

Let's ring bells together to make beautiful music. With the assistance of a handbell app, you'll discover which bells make which notes and learn how to play a song together. In addition, we’ll rock out to some play-along songs using boomwhackers! Experience in note-reading is not required, so come and give it a try! 

Leis and Wristbands

(Ages 7-11)

Ms. Aban

Let's learn how to weave amazing leis out of ribbons and/or make wristbands with beads! Each student will design and create something unique to take home.  


(Ages 12-14)

Mr. Patterson

Let's learn basic woodworking, including skills like design, sanding and sawing. We will each make a unique wooden cross to take home!

Word Art/Handlettering

(Ages 12-High School)

Miss Johnson

Let's choose a favorite quote, Bible verse or important word and learn how to write it in an artistic way with modern calligraphy. We will make cards or something you can frame later!


Under the Microscope

(High School)

Mr. Maraya

Let's jump into the exciting world of Microscopy. After discussing the history of microscopes and learning about some different types, we will make some samples and discover the beautiful world on the other side of the eyepiece!