Reading Incentive Program

The Reading Incentive Program is geared to motivate kids to read. Any student may participate, and there are two programs, offered for two different age brackets: 

Revved Up to Read~ Preschool through elementary students

Personal Reading Goals ~ Middle and high school students

Once students complete their reading goals, they can receive a special reward.

There is no charge for our members to participate in this program.

Revved Up to Read (Pre K-Grade 6)

Are you ready to go full speed on a reading adventure? You will have the joy of reading and when you meet your goal, we will give you a special reward

Personal Reading Goals (Grades 6-12)

Since we all read in different quantities and have different favorite genres, we're asking students in middle and high school to make a goal that will help you grow as a reader. Please discuss your goal with your parents to be sure it will push you but not overwhelm you. Send your proposal to Mrs. Matsuoka ( When you reach your goal, you will receive a special reward!