Reading Incentive Program

The SSS Reading Incentive Program is geared to motivate kids to read. Any student may participate, and there are two programs, offered for two different age brackets:

Wild About Books ~ Preschool through elementary students

Personal Reading Goals ~ Middle and high school students

Once students complete their reading goals, they can receive a ¥500 Baskin Robbins gift card.

There is no charge for SSS members to participate in this program.

Wild About Books(Pre K-Grade 6)

Are you ready to go wild on an SSS reading adventure? Trek with us through a jungle of wild and wonderful books. You have the joy of reading and you can get a ¥500 Baskin Robbins gift card from SSS when you meet your goal.

  • Talk together with your parents about a good reading goal for you this year. We suggest 100, 125, or 150 days of reading between September 2022 and May 2023.

  • To let us know that you have joined our reading incentive, please sign up through the link on the right.

  • Write your name and put a check by the number of days you will try to read this year.

  • Begin reading each day. Your SSS teachers suggest reading at least 15 minutes daily if you are enrolled in a school, or at least 30 minutes daily if you are homeschooled. If you are not yet able to read to yourself, you may have someone else read English books to you.

  • Mark off the days as you read. Fill in the paw prints on the chart or cover them with stickers. Please do not fill in more than one paw print per day, since the goal is to make reading a regular habit. Record keeping is an important bonus skill which you will develop from this program.

  • When you have reached your goal, mail, e-mail or bring in your completed chart to the SSS office to show us. The deadline is May 31, 2023. You will receive a ¥500 Baskin Robbins gift card. If you can’t come in to the SSS office to pick up your prize, contact SSS to make other arrangements.

Personal Reading Goals (Grades 6-12)

Since we all read in different quantities and have different favorite genres, we're asking students in middle and high school to make a goal that will help you grow as a reader. Please discuss your goal with your parents to be sure it will push you but not overwhelm you. Send your proposal to Mrs. May ( When you reach your goal, you can receive a ¥500 Baskin Robbins gift card.