Speech & Talent Festival

This event provides students with the opportunity to perform a speech or other talent in front of a live audience. Homeschooling students often do not have much opportunity to present in front of others, so the Speech & Talent Festival can be a valuable experience for building confidence, memorization, and presentation skills. It's lots of fun too!

When: May 25, 2024 (Sa)

Cost: ¥1000 per family

For: all ages

What: This is a chance for kids of any age to share their talents in front of an audience. Does your child need help thinking of something to perform? Here are some ideas:

Families are welcome to attend even if none of their kids wish to perform. 

Typical Schedule

9:30-9:45 - Arrive on campus

10:00-11:30 - Speech & Talent Festival in auditorium

After the show - CAJ & Parallel Education Services libraries will be open until 13:00

This will be the perfect opportunity to pick up your summer books!